August 29, 2015

Downtown Revitalization

Reviving “Main Street, USA”

Downtown Storefront in a Small Community - Downtown Revitalization

Does your Main Street or downtown need some revitalization? Let Winning Communities create a vision plan for your community that involves improving your downtown.

With the rise of the metropolitan areas and suburban communities, many smaller towns and counties across the United States have suffered from diminished downtown activity. What was once a bustling mix of retail and restaurants –a destination site for residents and tourists — has become a main street with deteriorating storefronts and retailers struggling to retain customers.

Winning Communities has seen this issue firsthand within the towns and counties with which we’ve served. Without a plan to revitalize the entire community, including the downtown, these communities will continue to suffer.

Our 90-day vision and action planning process for cities, towns and counties looks at all aspects of a community — from its assets and opportunities to its challenges and threats. We get the entire community involved and look at what is important – both now and in the future. We develop ideas such as how to revitalize neighborhoods or downtown storefronts, or programs we can put in place. Then we develop a distinct vision and plan of action that will guide the activities of the community and help them achieve success.

If your community is ready for change, and would like to revitalize its downtown, among other things, contact your community consultant, Jim Dittoe of Winning Communities to schedule an initial consultation with your community leaders.

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