October 8, 2015

Community Planning Process

The Winning Communities Strategic Planning Process

Each phase of the Winning Communities strategic planning process is important. Ideas and energies, leaders and organizations will work together to implement a winning strategic game plan for the community. Winning Communities will be a guiding force throughout the community development project to provide positive reinforcement, leadership and coordination of all activities.

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Leaders discussing their community's future during a community planning meeting in Blackford County, Indiana

Action is Key to a successful Winning Communities project: Action in planning, action in thinking and dedicated action in implementing the activities that are important to the community.

The Winning Communities strategic planning process typically involves a three- to four-month time commitment. The community planning project also requires cooperation from an established community steering committee as well as input from citizens of the community.

The community planning process can be summarized in a series of activities. These include:

  • Ongoing steering committee meetings for organization and communication
  • Four community meetings for collaboration and idea-generation
  • Feedback, development and refinement of community vision and action plan
  • Presentation of plan and declaration of community commitment
  • Implementation groups established for plan follow-through

In order for a community to be designated as a Certified Winning Community, it must complete all 13 action items in the Winning Communities process.

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