October 7, 2015

Community Vision & Mission

What is vision?

Winning Communities believes that Vision is the vivid, imaginative, creative concept that gives people power to act and to achieve what they desire.

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Developing a Community Vision and Mission Statement Can Help Guide Your Community's Plan for Success

The Winning Communities vision and action plan is a document at the heart of the planning process. It is the culmination of countless hours of determination and effort from the whole community, and is the guiding post for the community’s future direction and success.

A vision statement helps communities visualize what they want to become in the future — a year, five years, 10 years or even 20 years down the road – and get them on a plan of action to get there.

A community mission statement reminds the citizens of who they are and the values and principles they want to be remembered for and to uphold as a community.

As part of the community development planning process, Winning Community helps each city, town or county develop a unique vision and mission statement for their city, town or county. This statement helps to guide the community’s activities and initiatives with regard to community and economic development efforts, outlined in the plan.

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